This Cat Is Having A Deathmatch Against His Dog-Buddy’s Tail!

There is always the on friend that has tons of energy and cannot seem to be able to control himself. When trying to maintain a healthy interaction the best way to go about it is to arm your-self with patience, not wrongly this virtue is referred to as the mother of all good things!  When you check out this pair of buddies you will probably heave a sigh of resignation for the dog.

Featured in the clip below are a German Shepherd and an adorable spotted cat. Now this particular German Shepherd, has the patience of a saint, once you see what the kitty does you’ll definite vouch for the pooch’s canonization! The video starts with the cat just walking around and locking eyes with the dog, clearly bored and looking for some entertainment, that’s when the feline fiend notices the pups tail, resting calmly, and he decided to attack!

Now, the dog only spared a couple of confused glances towards the cat, however the latter was completely fascinated by his new toy.  The pup was free to get up whenever he wanted and about his fur getting ruffled, but we see him allowing the cat his fun!

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