Cat Decides To Comfort Daddy With Broken Leg. Their Bonding Will Melt Your Heart Completely.

Cats have a really good sense of when their mommies and daddies are not feeling well. Sure, the lying around moaning and sleeping a lot might be a really big clue for them, but they can also probably smell when people have a fever. They can be protective, as well. When my wife had the flu a month or so ago, our male cat spent nearly every minute of the day in bed with her… aside from eating, drinking and litter box use, of course. I see the same trait in Lazarus, the cat that we see in this video.

While the daddy of Lazarus isn’t exactly sick, per se, he did break his leg and require a lot of time recuperating in bed. While he did have family there to help him eat, drink and other duties, it was Lazarus who was with him nearly the whole time, carving out a nook in the bed between his legs. Hey, it’s a resting spot for the little guy… who would turn that down? Bodning with daddy is just a plus.

Lazarus has his own YouTube channel, and part of the time we see his daddy editing videos for it… an activity that leaves the kitty enraptured. Who wouldn’t want to see themselves on the computer screen? He even bats at the laptop – maybe he thinks there’s another cat in there. He also spends time licking his daddy’s hand. Perhaps in his mind he’s positive that doing that will heal his leg.

There’s a reason why this feline is so attached to his daddy – he’s a rescue cat and he knows that this man is the reason why he’s got this nice roof over his head and plenty of food for him to eat. He’s repaying this man’s kindness by sticking by him through this whole recovery process. Also, he probably liked the texture of the bandages that were wrapped around the cast… Hey, it’s not ALL altruistic!

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