This Cat Is A Dentist! Dr Cat Knows If You’re Brushing Enough! NOW THIS IS TOO SILLY!

They call him Dr Cat. He happens to be the best dentist in the world but with one twist. He’s a cat and from the looks of it, doesn’t mince words either. Dr Cat has the uncanny ability of looking into a person’s mouth and knowing if you’ve been a good girl or boy. Have you been brushing enough? Dr Cat will know. Floss much? Dr Cat will know.

While Dr Cat takes his job with the highest of dignity, he will not lower himself to having to be around someone who decided to let that garlic get a little too embedded into their mouths.

By the way, if you’re watching this video and think “Gross, that guy is letting his cat stick its face in his mouth?” remember that sometimes pet owners can be total weirdos. But you already knew this right?

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