This Cat is Determined To Help People Save Money!

Raise your hand if you need a little help saving money? I’m sure we can all do a little better with the concept, even if we’re already doing all right with it in the first place. Some people are real sticklers for saving, and that’s a good thing. And others are not quite so good about it, and that is why this amazing cat is looking out for people and their finances.

Someone taught this cat that frivolous spending is a waste of money, and he is taking it upon himself to help the public be a little bit more financially savvy, and it seems he’s doing a pretty impressive job.

This golden tabby has made himself at home atop an ATM machine, where he makes sure that it’s impossible for anyone to remove any funds from the machine. He’s not interested in seeing anyone waste their money, so he simply deters them from doing so.

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