This Cat Discovers The Best Way To Get Inside The House

We sometimes forget that animals can be just as smart as humans when it comes to problem solving. Sometimes they are even better at it than we are.  We could spend 24 hours a day watching animal videos of the amazing things our furry friends do that show just how skilled they are, and they aren’t just dog videos. Dogs may be more disciplined and trainable, but cats really aren’t far behind as you will see in this video. Often times cats are even more clever than dogs, they are just sneaky and secretive about it, but this one lets everyone know what he is capable of.

This furry feline will show you just how clever cats are. He got locked outside his home, but he didn’t panic. He has a very clever plan to get back into the house with no trouble at all! His owners taught him how to use this clever trick to his advantage so he can always receive personalized service if he gets locked out of the house again.

The clever cat has many options when it comes to getting back inside the house, but he chose the funniest, and it is very effective. Lucky for us, his owners had the forward thinking to record his performance and share it on the Internet. Watch this video and see what you think of Bruno, the cleverest cat around. And do I even need to mention how cute he is?

Watch this clever cat in the video below. I’m sure you’re going to find him hilarious!

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