This Cat Doesn’t Like Going For Walks, But What He Does To Skip Them Is Hilarious

Cats are really different from dogs, and no one can deny this fact. The most recognizable difference is that dogs love to walk with their owners, on a leash or not, while cats, well, not so much. Leashes are not really their thing and they usually prefer to sleep 20 hours a day rather than going out for some exercise. They mostly like to purr and sleep or maybe go for walks on their own around the house or yard. Like many of the domestic cats, this cat in the video hates going for a walk with his owner. So what does he do to avoid the situation? You will see in this next clip and it is hilarious. He is surely a clever cat, if not a lazy one.

As soon as his owner pulled out his harness to go for a walk, this cat creates this hilarious drama ever. The moment his harness was out, this cat losses all the hope and plays dead. What is even more hysterical is his reaction when his owner takes out his harness from his body. This cat sure wins the ‘actor of the year’ award!

This cat definitely hates to go to the walk. Watch how he does his best to avoid the walk.

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