This Adorable Kitty Cat Must Have Been a Dog In Another Life… Aww! SIMPLY AWESOME!

Most people know that cats and dogs behave differently, very differently. But every now and then a case comes up that defies logic. Such is the case with Kodi, the beautiful feline. Kodi the cat is unlike other cats you’ve seen before. Check out the video to understand.

Kodi is so much like a dog it’s almost funny! The way he fetches and looks around, it’s totally un-catlike. And which cat likes to go on walks let alone have a leash around them? I don’t know of any! In a way, I’m jealous that you can have a dog in the form of a cat. It’s like having a small, fluffy, purry dog without all the barking. LOL

How many reasons did it take for you to get convinced that Kodi is a dog? Let us know below and don’t forget to share with your friends!

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