“When This Kitty Cat Walks Into A Clear Plastic Box, What Happens Next? AMAZING!”

Apparently the kitty featured here has an owner who has pampered them to the hilt. Kitty cats can take stairs and leap from second stories like its nothing. So, what use could one possibly have for an elevator, good question and one that only this kitty can answer?

Elevators are something that humans use to avoid using many stairs. These aren’t created for an animals own personal use or are they? Turns out this kitty featured here has his own elevator. That’s right the cat’s daddy actually created a little elevator for the kitty’s own personal use that goes up and down on the side of the house from the top floor to the ground!

Yes, this cat knows to get into the box and then get it automatically moves to the kitty’s desired destination. Don’t believe me? Then watch it for yourself, then let us know your opinion about this clever kitty cat elevator by commenting below. https://youtu.be/trZnE34_fgw