This Cat Is Not Entirely Thrilled About These Two Hyper Baby Goats. Just Watch!

When people think of watch animals, their minds usually go to dogs. But in this video, the watch animal is cat, and her name is Moo. Moo is the best watch cat someone could ask for. Moo patrols the farm everyday to ensure its security. She is also very fond of the goats that live there. Whenever she walks by them, she rubs her tail on their chin to greet them. And she can sense when a goat is about to deliver her babies, and will go and sit in her stall to keep her company!

However, the introduction of Lady Bug and Princess Leia, two one-year-old baby goats, has not exactly thrilled Moo. They’re a bit too hyper for her taste, all jumpy and jittery like. She makes sure to keep her distance from them!

Even though the two are quite the bundle of energy, it seems like Moo is going to end up liking the two! What did you think of Moo’s reaction? Share your thoughts below!

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