A Cat Has A Ferocious Fight With The Most Unexpected Foe: A Feather!? LOL!

Dogs usually get all the hype from being the best friends and guardians a family can have, but cats don’t stay far behind! While it’s common to see cats as being lazy and aloof all the time, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have a protective instinct that triggers when they sense danger coming. This is exactly what happened with Timo, the cat in the video below, who is seen protecting his family and his home from the brutal danger of a… feather?! That’s right! Timo gets in an epic fight with a small feather just outside of his house, and it’s hilarious!

At first he was just relaxing outside, minding his own business, and all of a sudden, a huge feather came hopping with the wind. After getting his attention, the cat gets curious about this object and decides to confront it face to feather. He even gets on his usual hunting stance, ready to pounce at his new worst enemy. He jumps at it to attack it several times, but it doesn’t do any good. As his owners have declared on the post, he’s a very active cat who doesn’t need any toys to have fun for hours.

You’ll fall in love with this cute feline friend when you watch the video right below here!

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