Cat Finds a New Home at 20. Two Years Later… He Still Has So Much Love to Give.

It’s always tough to see your pets age. Even though it’s a part of life and many animals live far shorter lives than people, it still feels like a part of you gets ripped out when they pass. What would you do if you found a cat that was advanced in years and you knew that you would have to say goodbye much sooner? One family faced that situation and decided to give their new kitty the best home they could in his remaining time on Earth.

We see a cat named Dexter, who was in a shelter at the age of 20. People usually bypass the much older cats, figuring that they don’t have that much longer left. A family saw Dexter and they wanted him to live out the rest of his life with them. That happened until late October, 2016, when he passed away. He was loved until the end of his days, something that we should all have.

This video is sweet, though. Dexter loves his brother so much. He’s licking, nuzzling, and just enjoying spending time with him. The brother is also having a blast. It’s too bad that he had to wait this long, but you know how the saying goes, “Better Late Than Never.’ Well, Dexter is trying to cram 20 years worth of love and affection here. I have a feeling that everyone was happy with this situation, even until the end.

It does seem like older cats are much more willing to give their mommies and daddies attention. My male cat is turning 13 and he’s starting to follow me and my wife ALL over the place. As a matter of fact, he’s walking by me and rubbing against me as I’m typing this. What’s going to happen if he reaches Dexter’s age? I’m going to have a cat clinging to me like Saran Wrap? Something tells me that I wouldn’t mind that at all.

Have you ever taken in a much-older animal? What was it like? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments section!

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