Cat Gets Fascinated With Figurine In Window. I Cracked Up At What He Did Next.

It’s weird what cats will play with or become fascinated by. My wife and I have bought cat toys for our two cats that languish on the ground for weeks, even months, without being played with. Heaven forbid that my wife drops a hair scrunchie on the ground, though. That is a prime toy for one of our cats, and he’s even run off and hidden them in our closets. That’s why this video of a feline with a weird object of attention is so fun to watch.

The video features a domestic shorthaired cat named Taro, who is fascinated by a figure that his mommy or daddy has put on a windowsill. The figure is of a Buddha-like cat sitting there waving one arm back and forth like a pendulum. Well. This is the BEST thing that Taro has seen all day and he wants to imitate this figure. Either that or he’s trying to worship it by doing his best prayer to it.

We see Taro try this a few more times. He sniffs the figure, does the paw waving in the air bit again – though I’m not sure if he’s imitating the figure this time or if he’s trying to grab the shadow of it off the wall. Who knows what goes on in these cats’ minds. It’s clear that he’s having a blast with it. This is one feline that is very easily amused. My cats just prefer to rest on the sofa and sleep.

Fortunately, the thing that I was afraid was going to occur didn’t happen: Taro didn’t knock the figure off the windowsill. We see the cat sitting next to the cat figure, which has been placed on the floor by his mommy or daddy. The video ends with a closeup of him standing on his hind legs waving his paws in the air. Perhaps the cat deity will grant his favor on him in the near future. Then again, he already has a viral YouTube video….

Wasn’t Taro so funny? I loved watching this video. Has your cat developed a similar fascination with an unlikely object? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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