Cat Gets His Head Stuck In A Box. His Next Action Had Me Laughing And Cringing.

There’s a saying: “Curiosity Killed the Cat.” Well, that could have been the case with this video of various felines suddenly panicking when they have stuff blocking their vision. They don’t stay calm and level-headed to let their mommy or daddy get the item off their head. No, they get themselves into potentially more dangerous situations. Well, since their mommy or daddy is there, the danger is minimal, but it’s there. But it’s mostly cute.

The compilation shows a bunch of cats getting their heads stuck in everything from yogurt containers to potato chip bags to tissue boxes. One gets caught in a curtain rope. Their reactions are near universal – sudden backing up. One of them even goes under a chair. There is one scene with a feral cat by the side of a road who is freed when one of the people steps on the corner of the bag – the cat scampers off into the bushes. That’s better than wandering into the road and being hit.

There were a couple of times that the cats would stick their head in something, shake it off and then STICK THEIR HEAD IN AGAIN. That just reminded me of the scene from “Friends” when Phoebe stood up. “Whoa. Blood rush. Hang on. Let me do that again…” That’s just asking for trouble, you wacky felines. It must be disorienting for them to not see – hence their sudden walking backwards, but to repeat it is just silly.

My cats are boring. Well, actually, you could say that they are pretty smart. Neither of them have had anything like this happen to them. Instead, they choose to occupy my time by coughing up hairballs. Nothing like putting their heads in bags, boxes or shoes, though. I have caught my female cat sniffing a shoe one, but that’s about the extent of their exploration of things like that. Partly because we only leave large boxes sitting out…

What was your favorite scene from the video? I had a hard time choosing, myself. Let us know your choice in the comments section!

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