Cat Gets Herself In Near-Death Situation In Storm Drain. How Firefighters Free Her? GENIUS!

Animals get themselves into all kinds of predicaments. It’s not like they can completely analyze what each action that they do will lead to. Heck, humans are just as capable of winding up in a lot of dangerous situations too. Heck, that’s why there are the Darwin Awards. This video, though, shows a cat that

The firefighters in Winchendon, Massachusetts usually spend their time fighting large fires and rescuing cats from trees. They have probably seen hundreds of fires and cats over the course of their careers. It probably started to feel routine. This situation with a kitty was quite different from what they were used to and it required a lot of ingenuity on their parts to make sure that the cat was saved.

Firefighters came to the scene and found the poor stuck cat. She was in danger of dying, the way that she was dangling from the drain. First, they quickly removed the drain cover so that she wasn’t suspended in the air anymore. Then came the problem of extricating her. They used dishwashing liquid to make her head slippery… and she slid right out of the cover. That was one of her nine lives gone…

The thing that puzzled me about the video was that the person said that the cat would never stick her head in a drain again. The thing was… she was on the other side. Her head was sticking OUT and her body was inside the drain. It seems like someone put the poor cat in the drain and she was trying to climb out. I hope that that doesn’t happen to other cats in the area. That would be terrible.

Wasn’t this an amazing rescue, though? Seeing that cat sitting there with the removed drain cover still over her head made me feel so bad for her. What did you think? Tell us in the comments section below and also “Like” us on Facebook.

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