Cat Gets Stuck In Tree. I Loved How The Police Officers Managed To Get Him Down.

Cats get stuck in trees all the time. They are good about being able to climb up, but once they are up there… look out. Possessing no sense of logic, they tend to climb HIGHER when they are scared. OK. That will work. Not. This is why fire departments are often called in, since they have the really tall ladders to be able to perform rescue operations. This time, though, another department had to get a kitty down.

We see a cat stuck in a tree in Nebraska, as shown in a computer-generated reenactment. The graphics are OK… if you’re watching this video a decade or more ago. I guess they wanted to flex their programming muscles here and this is the result. Some computer-generated police officers show up, and they need to come up with a way to get this kitty down to the ground safely, so they don’t have to call the fire department.

The Nebraska Police officers get the cat to follow the tracker down the tree and jump onto a shield that’s acting as a bridge. Soon the kitty is in their arms and has a seat in their police car. The video jokes the cat is “feline good” (groan) and that they arrested him for scratching an officer (double groan). It would have been better to see live footage rather than the CGI from 2002.

I don’t know if this was read by an actual human, though. The voice narrating this sounds sort of robotic to me – almost like HAL from “2001” and “2010” was telling the story. The real giveaway for that would have been hearing, “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can’t do that” when I tried to exit the video. Anyways, great story and I’m glad that the kitten is OK and I hope that he’s found a fantastic new home.

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