Cat Greets Toddler Like He Hasn’t Seen Him In YEARS! Who Says Cats Can’t Be Adorable?

Most people would say that cats aren’t exactly friendly, or social at all. Let’s face it, almost all of us would guess they wouldn’t seek cuddling with us or give us any affection whatsoever. But cat owners know that isn’t always the case at all. Some of them are perfectly capable of being lovely furballs. Like the one shown in the video featured below! Dorian the cat is already gaining internet fame, and it’s easy to see why. This might be the friendliest cat we’ve seen on video, ever!

Dorian became attached to Cadyn, his owner’s cousin, who stayed at the family home for a few days. The video was recorded the next time Cadyn stayed in, after he had already fallen asleep. After having missed him so much, Dorian was quick to join him in his sleep, and what he did next will surely melt your heart. He’s not shy to show that he really missed his new friend, and the scene he makes is definitely one of the cutest toddler-cat interactions we’ve seen on video ourselves! Even waking Cadyn up, Dorian won’t stop giving him love, it’s never too much for him!

Watch this adorable moment, in the video just below. Did you like it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments under the video!

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