Cat Guards His House From The Mailman. You Won’t Believe What He Did!

Delivering the mail is a job that most people overlook and deem simple, but they don’t realize it’s actually a very hard job. You have to be flawless with addresses and deliveries to get every single envelope and package to their respective destination, and even once you get there, there can be all sorts of obstacles in your way before to get to the doorstep to do your job and deliver what you’re supposed to.

Pets are some of the most interesting obstacles that mailmen get to face, and you can see a pretty good example of that in the video that we brought to show you today. Dogs are known for being very menacing and territorial if they have the right character for it, so it’s what you’d expect when you hear about pets chasing mailmen. But the story in the video below is quite different!

The clip shows a cat being very territorial and stingy when a mailman comes around to the doorstep every single day. The cat has become so defensive from him, that he waits in his hiding spot every day and attacks him when he least expects it. See what the kitty does when the guy tries to deliver the envelopes to this home.

Watch the full clip just below!

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