This Cat Hears Chicks Crying For Their Mother, And She Breaks The Rules To Help

Some people believe that animals do not have souls. Those people better think again, because this video is definitive proof that they do! It’s not hard to find evidence of it in humans while living life normally, but some people never have a chance to see the deep emotion that animals can sometimes express. They can go against their instincts to protect those who they hold dear, and this video will show you a very good example!

Researchers at the Phoenix Biogenic lab set on their mission to test whether animals can really feel beyond their hunger instincts. The experiment was done back in the year of 2003, but this adorable video has just recently surfaced online. You can see how a cat roams around on her own, and when she hears three baby birds crying out for their mother, she reacts immediately. With the baby bird’s mother nowhere to be found, the poor birds are completely on their own, and the cat doesn’t even hesitate to take on the role of caretaker for the baby birds, defying all her cat instincts.

Instead of doing what predators would normally do, the cat gives up her predatory nature and takes over the chicks as their new mother, disregarding what people would consider natural behavior. It’s adorable to see the kindness that animals can display sometimes!

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