This Cat Hears Her Favorite Song Playing, And What She Does Afterwards Will Surprise You

We can all agree that everyone has a song that instantly brings out the dancer in all of us. You don’t need to be a professional dancer to shake your body with abandon, every day, and this isn’t limited to humans, either. We’ve all seen how animals can enjoy music just as much as people can, and if you haven’t had the luck to see it for yourself, you should look no further than the video below!

When the kitty in the video hears her favorite song, she can’t help but dance. Neither can I because her favorite song is “Uptown Funk”, by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. People often think that cats are more stoic and laid back because of their rather aloof demeanor, but when this cat hears this song, she cannot escape the funk. This cat seriously loves this song, and she’s not afraid to show the whole world her best dance moves when she hears it.

After all, “Uptown Funk” really is one of the catchiest tunes of the century, and its magic can enchant even our most stubborn and aloof furry friends. The way the cat bobs her head up and down to the beat is both amazing and adorable, and I can’t help but dance along just like her!

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