Cat Initially Shuns Friendly Dog. You’ll Love What His Determination Brings Out In Her.

There are times that we put up our own defenses. We just don’t want to be bothered with certain things or people or animals. I can be cranky sometimes and just want to be left alone by everyone else on earth. Fortunately, those hermetic tendencies last half a day or a day at most. I could only be alone for so long before desiring company. The feline in this video seems to follow that same trajectory.

It seems that the kitty has put up some barriers due to the fact that she has a chronic limp. That would put anyone in a bad mood. She was especially non-receptive towards dogs at the shelter. A woman thought this would be a worthy challenge: getting this kitty to accept dogs. She paired her up with her beagle, who seems to have never met someone he didn’t like. Challenge accepted – he starts trying to become her friend almost immediately.

The video is very short, it just shows the beagle and the cat facing each other on the sofa. The beagle is determined to win her over and she’s resisting at first… then they nuzzle some and it looks like all the barriers have been broken down. According to their mommy, they are the best of friends now and they hang out all the time. I say good for them… too many people think dogs and cats don’t belong together as friends. Shame on them!

Now the two of them are best friends. There’s something about the dogged determination (pun very much intended) that wore down the cat’s defenses. Also, it usually takes a cat around that same amount of time to acclimate themselves to a new home. Both my cats are rescues from shelters and they hid for the first three days. Now they run the whole place. Wait, did I say that aloud? They might hear!

Have you had a similar experience when you brought a cat and a dog into the same house? We’d love to hear your story. Tell us all about it!

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