This Cat Has An Intense, Full On Wrestling Match With His Playful Dog Friend

Dogs are some of the world’s most playful creatures. They never say no to a friendly competition, are always down to show off their dominance, and make for some of the cuddliest companions on the planet. Even play-fighting is chock full of snuggles and gentle nibbling! While these pooches usually stick to hanging out with their human friends or fellow pups, sometimes they befriend other species. That can even include cats, who are rumored to be dogs’ worst enemies!

The feline and the playful pooch below have no qualms with one another…apart from when they’re goofing around! These two are an absolute riot. Originally, this kitty was abandoned in a plastic bag and left on the streets to die before he was adopted by his loving family. He ended up becoming quite close with his new puppy playmate. Just watch how they roll across the floor and wrestle with one another.

It’s almost hard to tell that they’re playing around, but these friends are gentle enough with each other that it’s easy to see they’re best friends at the end of the day. Could this duo be any cuter? They’ve each got the moves to pack quite a punch, especially the kitty at the end. He’s leaving it all in the ring, that’s for certain!

The dog seems a little taken aback by the cat’s willingness to stand up to an animal so much larger. Do you think he’s realizing that he might not be the clear winner in this match? You have to watch the clip for yourself. This is too funny!

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