Cat Lays Next To Daddy’s Head. I Couldn’t Believe What He Did To His Face Next.

Cats find the strangest things to rub up against. One of my cats loves to go up against the handle of my chair that raises and lowers it. She loves the edge of it, and fortunately, she hasn’t made me accidentally plunge down several inches… yet. I know I just jinxed myself there, didn’t I? My other cat is crazy about my cell phone. He’ll jump in my lap and rub against the corners… which kind of stinks when I’m playing a game on it. That pales in comparison of what these cats like.

This is a video compilation with a very simple theme – cats who adore beards. We see cats kneading their daddy’s faces, rubbing their heads against the beard and just otherwise being so content while doing so. The daddies, for their part, are enjoying a bonding experience with their cats. It’s a win-win situation for both of them… unless kitty’s claw goes just a bit too deep and punctures the skin…

All the cats here are just simply smitten with their daddy’s beards. It’s really not that surprising though – cats love texture and beards are chock full of them. My cats seem to prefer my denim jeans to get their fix, though. Getting my face massaged by a cat sounds kind of cool, though. I wouldn’t have to pay a professional masseuse. The only worry would be that my cat had been in the litter box recently.

I must say that I was a bit jealous, since I have a beard and neither of my cats have displayed any inclination to do anything of that sort to my face. Then again, that might be a good thing, since it would be very hard for me to do this writing while my cats were in my face. The guy at the end of the video did seem to be able to focus on his writing task at hand while his feline was rubbing against him. I guess it’s all a matter of determination.

Have you had a cat just adore your beard like this? If so, please tell us all about it in the comments section.

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