“Big Brother Teaches Kitten Important Life Lessons – And It Had Me Rolling On The Floor!”

When a new kitty comes home, there’s always that initial period of adjustment — especially when there are siblings. So when a little kitten is added to the family, his new big brother has a few words of advice!

This video is a subtle promotion for Friskies cat food and it just goes to show that ads can be (and should be) entertaining! Just watch this hilarious video! It rings true!

It starts off in a simply adorable way and features the cutest kitten you have ever seen in your life! Awww. I just want to squeeze her and give her a great big hug, don’t you?! Oh and that voice. Wait till you hear the older kitten. This cat’s voice is like liquid gold upon my ears.

What kind of cat food do you feed your cats? I don’t know about you, but I like to use a little bit of both… some soft food in the morning for breakfast and some hard food at night… along with lots of treats throughout the day. Anyway, watch this video and let me know what you think.