Gentle cat loves to pet friendly Koi fish

Cat and Koi fish

It is a common sight to find cats who love to eat fish and enjoy the treat. However, it is not so common to see a cat who loves to play with fish.

Most people find it really amusing that cats can be friends with fish as cats’ favorite food. However, Mr. Mika, a gentle cat, has proved everyone who thinks “cats love eating fish” wrong.

Cats can also be friends with different species and can share an incredible bond with them. Fish at the koi pond are one such example. Mr. Mika and the koi fish share a great bond with each other.

Mr. Mika is a gentle and kind cat who loves to visit his fish friends and interacts with them by patting their heads with his paw. Even the Koi fish don’t mind the presence of the cat.

Mr. Mika sits near the brink of the fishpond and loves to watch his fish friends swimming around in the water happily. Some of the fish come close to him and try to interact with the cat.

This shows the confidence of the fish in the feline friend. They know they are safe even in the presence of the gentle cat. The pond is filled with different sizes and colors, and each of them is fond of the cat.

One of the fish even comes close to the cat and shares a kiss. The cat loves to spend hours in the presence of his fish friends. If he gets tired, he just lies down beside the pond.

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Gentle cat loves to pet friendly Koi fish