A cat meets a baby for the first time – the animal’s reaction will surprise you!

Anyone who has ever come off worse when playing with a cat will know that they don’t mess about when it comes to certain interactions. Touch them in the wrong way and they’ll let you know about it! So, it was understandable that this new mom was extremely nervous when introducing her baby to their adopted cat for the first time. She’s not the only one!

It’s not without its teething problems when a family pet and your new-born have never met before, and you’re going to be very anxious to see if they play nice. Babies are known to be extremely curious; and poking, pulling and prodding might not be the best course of action to take – especially when it comes and an adopted cat! Those things have claws, darling!

For those looking for a little help with such a situation, the Humane Society’s website is where to turn. They stress that it can indeed be a tricky process when you bring home a new baby with a cat already in the house. The animal in your life was previously your number one, and so now it begins to feel a “sibling rivalry” because the baby is now getting all the attention! This might make the animal become defensive or aggressive – especially towards this new invader in their territory!

They say a little planning can help, however, and you should be preparing your pet by spending less and less time with him or her in the weeks leading up to the new arrival. Train them to not be as dependant on you being there at the drop of a hat.

But even with the best will in the world, you’re never going to know how your pet will react until the nerve-jangling moment arrives. This new mom filmed their first encounter, and the reaction of both baby and animal is adorable! Thank goodness for that!

Mom can now breathe a sigh of relief as her little bundle of joy gets on famously with the feline, and her baby clearly enjoys the attention! The cat’s name is Lemsie, and she rather likes the taste of her new friend’s head! The last moment when baby throws his face into Lemsie’s fur will have you in stitches. If only all animal and baby interactions whereas loving and as pain-free as this one! We think these two are going to be friends for a very long time!