This Cat Mom Adopted This Puppies In Her Litter, And It’s Just Too ADORABLE!

Nature always has a way to teach us how to become better people. It does so by giving us examples of acceptance and mercy in the most unexpected cases, between species who you’d never expect to get along. The video we put here today to show you has a perfect example of that. After being born prematurely, 2 Chihuahua pups were abandoned by their mom. That’s when Nessy the momma cat came into the picture. She had just gave birth to a litter of kittens herself, so after the pups were rescued, they decided to give them to her for raising.

Nessy took them in as if they were her own. She did amazingly well as a surrogate mother for the little doggies, and she nursed them until they were grown and ready to be on their own. You’ll fall in love when you see how this unexpectedly adorable family turned out! Cats usually have a bad rep for being cold and selfish, but as this video proves, it’s just not true. Mom cats are particularly fond of raising any kind of baby, even if it’s not of their own species.

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