This Cat Is In Need Of Affection! But How He Tries To Get It IS The BEST Thing EVER! LOL!

Cats are often unfairly accused of being less affectionate than dogs. They are not a species that are prone to showing too much love and affection, at least not as much as canines. There is always an exception to the rule as the traffic policeman in this video finds out.
A cat approaches a traffic policeman at a routine traffic stop in Texas and proceeds to show him all the affection he can muster. He climbs up the policeman, crawls over him and even sits on his head at one point. He is persistent and it is funny just to see the policeman’s reaction or his lack of it. He just continues with his job calmly and it does not seem to faze him in the least bit. His dashcam captures all of the affectionate feline’s actions and his no reaction to it.

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