When The Cat Noticed Something Creeping Around The Corner, His Reaction Is Absolutely Priceless!

Cats have basically taken over the internet, making it impossible to go on almost any website without seeing some hilarious GIF or video.

Nobody can blame the cat in the video for his reaction to his owner doing THIS! So mean, but so funny. Check it out now and you won’t be able to stop laughing.

The first thing you see in this video is a bit creepy in itself – a completely hairless cat, something that personally gives me nightmares, but obviously some people love them as pets.

I’m not so sure about this cat’s owner though, as he seems to like to mess with his cat just as much as he shows him love. By imitating the one thing that cat’s probably fear the most; he instantly became famous on the internet after his cat freaks out!

The most hilarious part is that the cat really seems to be talking, muttering, “no no no no,” repeatedly, just like I would if a wolf was coming at me. Well I would probably run, but i’m not a cat so… With over 4,000,000 views, clearly the internet loves this little guy.

This poor little guy is so freaked out he starts to shake and flinch before running out of the room, likely fearful for his life. Hopefully he wasn’t too freaked out once he realized that it was just his owner, but wow – this would be scary!

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