Her Mom Was Making a Yoga Video, But The Cat Stole the Show… TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!

It’s another yoga video for Milo’s owner. But this time, Milo the cat is tired of waiting for her owner to finish her videos before the two can play. So Milo goes to investigate the camera to see what the big deal with all these videos is about. Watch this hilarious video!

Milo’s stare in the camera is priceless! Milo keeps looking into the camera, not quite sure what to do with it. Meanwhile, her owner in the background is busy with her yoga postures and hasn’t noticed Milo at all.

Milo finally has had enough of yoga for the day and decides that it’s time to turn the camera off. With his paw he swats the camera off the table and voila, yoga is over! Let us know your yoga experiences with your pets and share this video with fellow yogis!

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