Cat reacting to a lion on TV is the dose of cuteness you need

Everyone has a hero. Someone they look up to, imitate, and try to be like. This mindset is most commonly observed in humans—particularly with small children—but it’s not just limited to our species!

This short, 8-second video features an adorable gold and white cat named “Snowball.” Apparently, after watching TV for a while, Snowball has decided that the mighty lion is his hero.

As people, we know that lions look a little bit different than your average house cat. Still, Snowball just sees the lion as another cat. He’s more impressed by another recognizable lion feature: their mighty roar!

The video shows Snowball amidst a domestic paradise, perched on the arm of a couch in a sizable living room with modern decor. In contrast, the lion on-screen is out in the wild, but Snowball isn’t discouraged by these minor differences.

We see him staring intently at the screen for a few seconds before letting out an adorable attempt at a “roar.” Almost as if to respond, the lion on the TV lets out a small roar of its own.

Further inspired, Snowball gives roaring another try, this time sounding a tad louder and a bit more “mean.” It’s still way more endearing than it is likely to scare others away, but after all, he’s only a fraction of the giant cat’s size.

You definitely don’t want to miss this short but worth-watching clip. We watched it and think Snowball deserves the win. You’ll sound like a full-grown lion in no time! Keep working at it, Snowball.


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