Cat realizes there’s hidden camera in house. Her reaction made me laugh so hard.

One thing I really adore is watching live camera feeds of dogs and cats. There are some of them that take place at animals shelters and there’s just something SO fun about watching these animals go about their business. They may roll around in rough-and-tumble play, climb things, or just sleep. Well, when I see that part, I also want to curl up in a nap. But this video shows what happens if they realize that a camera is there.

We see a cat walking down a hallway. She stops, realizing that there’s something new in the place. She’s one of those cats with a kind of pushed-in face that’s still adorable. Her eyes are so expressive as she looks at this new development with curiosity. This is one of those times when curiosity isn’t going to kill the cat. She’s trying to figure out what she’s going to do and she’s going to do it quickly.

Finally, the cat decides on a course of action. “I see you strange object, and have decided to make this your last day on this planet. Prepare to DIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!” and she leaps at it. I hope the people who filmed this didn’t pay too much for the hidden camera, since it probably wound up in a lot of pieces on the floor once kitty got finished with it. I’d love to see them try to get a refund. “Reason?” “Cat attack.” “What?”

I always love seeing these videos of cats and dogs acting natural. They aren’t behaving in the way that they think their mommies or daddies will like. This cat thinks that she’s alone and she behaves accordingly. I wonder what I would see if my wife and I put up a hidden camera on our cats. Then again, I did see “The Secret Life of Pets” and that made me think twice about leaving our cats alone for the day.

Wasn’t this little girl so adorable? Have you done the hidden camera thing with your pet? What happened? Tell us all about it in the comments!