A Cat Was Recorded On Camera Doing This To A Baby Bunny. Even Her Owner Can’t Believe What She’s Seeing! OMG!

The inter-webs has seen a fair share of peculiar animal relationships. They’ve been plenty, both wild and domesticated. You wouldn’t struggle to recall some of them. We’ve witnessed big cats and their prey live in harmony, dogs and cats become the best of friends, cats and mice living as though they know not they inspired the cartoon series “Tom and Jerry” and even the most bizarre ones like goats and horses befriending each other. Regardless of what you’ve seen, one thing is certain, your heart has melted after seeing these awesome relationships that can’t be explained even by vets. The video below shows one such relationship and I can place a bet that you are yet to witness one like this.

Cats are normally thought of as distant, avoidant, antisocial but still approachable creatures. It’s probably why their bigger sisters aren’t so easy to domesticate. That aside, they possess a high level of maternal feelings. Contrary to popular belief, they have enough love for everyone. The mama cat showed in the video recently gave birth to her kittens but chanced on a recently orphaned baby bunny.

Snaggle Puss, the mother cat took, Bubbles, the bunny, in as one of her own and tended to it with same love she gave her kitten. In the video, she carries the bunny gently by the back of its neck from the couch to the small bed where her kittens are sleeping. She then cleans her with as much attention as she cleans her cute ones. Snaggle definitely knows that Bubbles isn’t a cat but it doesn’t bother her. Bubbles even lies on her new mother’s belly. They are quite cute and adorable when capturing in close range in the final shot. Snaggle’s kind gesture towards Bubbles has been view more than 11 million times.

Watch the video below. Did it bring a smile on your face? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.