Cat Is Rescued From Flood In India. His Gratitude To Rescuers Is SO ADORABLE.

There are some times that calamity strikes an area. A hurricane, a tornado, a flood. It’s scary and can be quite sudden too. People’s first instincts are to get themselves to safety. What about the animals though? Don’t they deserve some aid too? There are a lot of stories about pets being saved from sure death in a natural disaster. This is one of them and it is so heartwarming to watch.

We see a bedraggled cat sitting in the lap of one of the Cat Sanctuary Goa worker’s laps. He’s just constantly meowing and rubbing up against the worker. Why is he so affectionate? There are some times that India is hit with terrible floods and this was one of them. He was rescued from a certain drowning death and he’s just in awe of the fact that he’s still alive. I would be too, if I were that cat.

If we could translate the cat’s meows, it would be “Thank you! You saved me! Thank you! You saved me!” over and over. This kitty is over the moon that he’s still alive and there’s now a bond between the two of them. Hopefully that bond lasts a long time. Perhaps this cat now has a new forever owner. At the very least, he has a new forever friend. That should make everyone involved happy.

There’s a graphic at the end that says “Cat Sanctuary Goa has rescued over 19 stray cats in India.” That might seem like a low total, but even saving one stray cat is better than saving none at all. That one stray cat might be able to be a loving companion to someone who might not have had him or her if not for this sanctuary.

Even all wet, this kitty is so cute to look at, wouldn’t you agree? I’d adopt him in a heartbeat… if he wasn’t all the way on the other side of the world. How about you? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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