Cat Sees Dog Friend Return After 10-Day Absence. Her Reaction Had Me Howling With Laughter.

We feel sad when those we love go away for extended periods of time. It feels like a normal part of our daily rhythm is now gone. What’s become routine is anything but. So when that person comes back, it fills our hearts with joy. This applies to both humans and animals. These creatures are just as capable of feeling an emotional void as a person. Witness this video here for an example.

We see Bow-Z, a dog who had been away from home for 10 days – reasons unknown. Jasper, a cat who also lives in the same home, has missed the pooch something terrible. How does she show her affection? Does she rub up against him and meow a few times? Absolutely not. She races up to him and wraps her front paws around his neck and starts licking him in her way of welcoming him back.

Bow-Z is like, “OK, it’s great to be home. Thanks for the warm greeting, Jasper. I’m going to go to my room now.” “DON’T YOU EVER LEAVE ME AGAIN, YOU BIG LUG!” “Um. Ok. I promise. I’m tired from the trip. I want to rest.” “YOU CAN REST LATER! HUG ME!” “Sigh.” Bow-Z doesn’t want to upset his friend – he’s a good-natured dog, but you can tell by the end of the video that he’s at a loss what to do.

I recently wrote about a video compilation of cats greeting their mommies and daddies when they come back home after a while. This is the first time that I’ve seen one be happy about a DOG. Usually, cats and dogs don’t get along, but these two have bonded. I couldn’t believe how affectionate she was being. My cats just meow a few times, rub up against me and then just go about their usual business.

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