This Cat Sees A Holistic Salt Lamp. What He Does Next With It Is SO ADORABLE.

Animals are so cute when they find new ways to keep themselves warm. When it’s really cold, one of my cats has a habit of crawling under my comforter. That’s really sweet and all until he decides to start play-biting my feet if I move them. That doesn’t make for the best night of sleep, what with me going “STOP THAT! MOVE!” a couple of times. But it’s adorable during the day. Then there’s what we see in this video right here.

This kitten, named Selenite, lives in Fiji with her mommy, who works at an Iridology and Holistic Healing place. That means she’s near a lot of ways for people to treat themselves. Like the salt lamp. She loves this thing and she’s wrapped her paws around it. Hopefully, her mommy doesn’t charge her for the usage of it. Hey, if it makes Selenite a happy, healthy kitty, it was worth it.

Selenite is blissfully happy with this warm salt lamp. It’s giving it so much heat and warmth and life is good. Not going to let go of this for a while. This is the secret of life for her. It reminded me of how I like to curl up under a blanket on a really cold day. There’s just no way that I’m moving anywhere for at least the next hour. I’ve never tried a salt lamp – holistic healing is still not something I completely trust.

As long as this doesn’t hurt Selenite, I’m all for it. Yes, I know that certain forms of holistic healing have been around for centuries. People also used to drill into people’s heads to try to get rid of headaches centuries ago. That didn’t do so well, though there have been times my head has hurt so much that I ‘ve contemplated trying that. But, as far as I’m concerned, Selenite can stay on that lamp for as long as she likes.

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