Cat Sees Hula Hoop Lying On Floor. I Cracked Up At What He Did With It Next.

Cats can find the weirdest things to keep themselves occupied. My male cat loves playing with hair scrunchies… though my wife hates having to keep buying new ones, since hers keeps disappearing all the time after the cat runs off with them. All kinds of odd household objects, from pens to paper clips can replace traditional cat toys at times. Then there’s what this feline uses to amuse himself….

We see a cat sitting in the middle of a hula hoop that’s on the floor. Suddenly, he flops on his side and starts scooting around the hoop by using his paws to pull him around. It’s like when you’re trying to set your light timer – he’s like the one of the pins that you use to determine what time you want the light to go off. You can spin it around as fast as you like. It’s mildly amusing for a few seconds.

There’s not a whole lot of subtext going on here. The cat loves the hula hoop and doing revolutions around it. I mean, if the cat’s mommy or daddy could get the hoop going around the cat’s waist, then that would be even more amazing. But this is pretty darn cute. It reminds me of how one of my cats likes to lay parallel to one of our two sofas and then pull herself along the floor with her claws. The sofas are still in remarkably good shape.

I always like seeing how cats amuse themselves. This was fun to watch, because finding things to make cats play can be very tough. I think my male cat might like this, even though he’s older, but the female cat would just look blankly at it. I might have to go make a trip to a sporting goods store or look online. There might be a hula hoop on the floor of our place in the not-so-distant future.

What’s the weirdest thing your cat has liked playing with? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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