Cat Sees Roll Of Toilet Paper In The Bathroom. I Was Cracking Up At What Happened.

It can be tough to find a place to keep a cat occupied. They get bored very easily and it can be a nightmare to get them back on track. Trying to keep the damage that they do to a minimum is also difficult – they can be quite destructive. People are probably looking at their sofas right now and shaking their head sadly. But there is one place that could work… and this video shows it in a very funny way.

We see a cat named Marmalade use parts of the bathroom as a spa. She uses a sink as a treadmill, bats around a toilet paper tube as a toy, and even sits in the bathroom while mommy or daddy take a shower and enjoys the steam. This is a wonderful way to market the bathroom an exercise place for a cat. I don’t think that would work for humans, though. “Hi honey. Oh, wait, there’s someone in the bathroom using it as a steam room. Wait. They paid!”

There’s a “rope” for Marmalade to climb – it’s someone’s bathrobe. I watched her jump and hang on to that for a bit with her claws and I thought “Well, someone’s going to be buying a new bathrobe tomorrow. Fortunately, I didn’t hear any ripping. I was very amused by the whole thing of how they made one area seem like such an exciting place for a cat. I don’t think I’ll try to use my bathtub as a treadmill, though.

The end of the video is basically a plug for a certain brand of litter, which kind of takes away from the cleverness of it. Oh well. People need to get paid however people get paid. It’s not like there’s an obvious commercial connection for EVERYTHING in the video. Marmalade is certainly darn cute, that’s for sure. If they had advertised where they had gotten her, I wouldn’t have minded that at all.

Our bathroom is just a little too small for that. How about you. Have you done something like this for your cat? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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