Cat Senses Baby Coming From His Pregnant Mommy. His Reaction? PRECIOUS!

Animals have really keen senses, we know. They can smell things that are far away they can hear someone coming from a good distance away, so it makes sense that they probably have a good sense of what’s going on in their mommy or daddy’s bodies. Especially if their mommy is pregnant. They can probably hear the baby moving around in the womb and may even discern noises that we can’t.

We see a pregnant woman who is roughly seven weeks away from giving birth. She’s reclining on a sofa and one of her cats is sitting on her belly, keeping her company. By now, things have to be extra uncomfortable since her baby has to be taking up a lot of real estate in her tummy. She’s seeming to enjoy the cat’s company, since it probably takes her mind off her current situation – and the planning that goes into bringing baby home.

One of the cats is sitting on his mommy’s belly and he’s nuzzling her head really aggressively and even licking her head, which makes the mommy giggle. A group of other furry friends make their way around her, but the one on her chest seems to be the dominant one and spends all his time with her. I doubt that he got to go to the delivery room, sterile environment and all, but he was likely there in spirit.

I remember when my wife was pregnant with our son… our male cat – we didn’t get the female one until years later – was really getting clingy as we neared her due date. Like the cats in this video, he must have sensed that our son was growing large enough to be entering the world soon. It’s nearly seven years later, and there’s still a strong bond between child and cat. The same thing will probably happen here… enjoy it.

There’s a follow-up video that shows the mommy and daddy introducing their newborn to all the animals, so all went well. Have you had any experiences like this with your cat? Tell us in the comments section!

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