When You Find Out Why This Cat Is Shouting At His Friend, You’ll Be Floored!

We completely love and adore our feline friends; however they can get too unpredictable sometimes. Our feline friends can get surprisingly weird at times. This video shows two kitties sharing one of the weirdest moments.

Have you ever seen how a cat reacts when he is angry? If not, this video will surely show you that. One of these two felines seems to be really angry with the other. The way he shows his anger is absolutely hilarious.

The kitty was surely thrashing the other kitty for some reason. I would really have loved to know what the kitty was saying. Oh only if I had the code to crack cat language!

Watch this funny video to tell us what you think of this video through your comments. What according to you is the reason for the cat’s anger? Guess and tell us! We’d love to hear from you!

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