Cat siblings trying to scare each other like human kids makes us lol

Cat siblings

Anyone who lives with more than one cat is probably familiar with their daily activities. For one reason or another, cats love to mess with other cats. This statement stays true with these two cats in the video.

Adorable cat

We can hear the AI narrator read the top caption: “so I’ve noticed the cats have been trying to scare each other behind the door.” Epic, choral music can be heard playing lightly in the background.

One cat gets in position behind the door. This cat, named “Want,” is about to scare his fellow cat, “pp.” With Want waiting patiently behind the door, we can see pp wander into the room.

Cat siblings

He clearly has no idea what’s about to happen. pp stares at the camera for a moment and then briefly looks at the door before going to scratch the door frame.

We can see Want peer around the door, but the moment isn’t right just yet. Oh no: pp is starting to leave! Not to worry, though (he’ll be right back).

Cat siblings

Want starts to sneak out from behind the door but quickly pulls back. pp has noticed the movement and goes to investigate. pp goes to look around the door, and “JUMP SCARE!”

pp jumps up on his hind legs as Want gives him a fright.pp scurries off but soon returns, clearly annoyed. Want gives him one final punishment (a tiny push) before he wanders off to mess with someone else. Oh, life as a cat must surely be rough!


want’s had it with pp scaring him so want’s doing it back

♬ Carmina Burana: O fortuna – Seiji Ozawa

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