Cat Sits In Bathroom With Mommy. I Couldn’t Believe What He Did With Her Toothbrush!

I have two cats and they can sometimes be annoying about giving me my space. My female cat will sometimes come over and incessantly meow while I’m sitting at a table, working on my laptop. My male cat will jump on my lap at least 10 seconds after I plop down on the sofa. There will be times where it feel like he teleports there, since he can be so stealthy that I don’t even notice he’s there for a minute or so. These two pale compared to what those felines in this video compilation do.

The cats here do everything ranging from plopping themselves right on their mommy or daddy’s hands as they are typing on a laptop to sitting on their heads in the bathroom – there’s even one where the cat is batting at a toothbrush that his mommy is using. People talk about setting clear boundaries with their cats. Those people, like the people who give child care advice, tend not to actually own cats. Those felines do what they want.

Another thing that my male cat tends to do, especially if I’m reading a book or magazine while sitting on the sofa, is plop himself on top of whatever reading material I’m holding. He’s very anti-literacy, that’s for sure. Either that or he loves the feel of the paper against him. The cats in the video must like the feel of the laptop keys against them. Either that or they just want to annoy Mommy and Daddy.

I’m a pretty tolerant guy when it comes to my cats. If my wife was home reading this, she’d smirk and say, “PRETTY tolerant? You ALWAYS let the male cat rest on your lap when you’re on the sofa!” OK, I plead guilty there, but there were two instances where I would have said, “Absolutely not.” Both of them were the cats that climbed into their daddy’s pants and underpants while he sat on the toilet. Yeah… no. Not doing that.

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