Cat Sits Next To Box With Treats In It. What He And His Mommy Do Next? AMAZING!

Animals have very clever ways of getting people to give them food. Dogs can make themselves look like they haven’t been fed in WEEKS. Cats can do the same thing. But when they get to have their mommy or daddy work in tandem with them to get what they way… oh, it’s so cute to watch. It takes some patience, but it’s well worth it. Take a look at this video of this kitty and his mommy.

We see a cat trying to open a plastic container. He’s frustrated with the lid. His mommy sits nearby, though we only see her arms. He glances at her and she adjusts the camera before putting her hands back on the table. He walks over and gently lifts her hand up with his mouth and guides it toward the box. This happens a couple of times before she gets the lid open and he starts snarfing down kitty treats.

It’s so cute to see this cat grab his mommy’s hand like he was grabbing the scruff of a kitten’s neck. It clearly doesn’t hurt his mommy, otherwise she would be swatting him away. They have worked on this before. Also, we don’t know how much of it is his carrying the hand and how much is the mommy kind of guiding her hand there anyway. If it were the former, we’d probably see a larger fold of skin than we do.

I love seeing these videos of pets and their mommies and daddies interacting like this. My cats would probably just sit at the box and meow at me incessantly until I opened it up… or tuned them out. One time they jumped on the counter and knocked a container of food over. I got a more solid one with a tighter lid on after that. Such a cool video, though. I do wonder what the genesis of it was, though. “Hmmm. Let me see if my cat lifts my hand! “

What did you think? Isn’t this a smart cat? Would you let your cat’s mouth anywhere NEAR your hand? I would be washing my hand thoroughly after this trick. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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