Cat Sits In Sink With Running Water. What He Does Next Made Me Laugh Out Loud.

Cats are amazing creatures. Some of you think that all they do is eat, sleep and use the litterbox. Well, and scratch up every piece of furniture in the house. Yes, they do stuff like that from time to time – the scratch-up part, not the eat and sleep, which they do ALL the time – but they are also sources of near never-ending amusement. Don’t go by what I say, though – just watch this compilation video.

Like many other videos of this sort, it shows cats doing everything from the wacky – sitting in a sink and dipping their head in a running stream – to the mundane – sleeping with their face buried in the pillow. There’s even a cool one where a cat seems to do a gymnastics routine on the back of a chair. That one was fascinating to watch. I thought my felines went nuts climbing the wall… this is on a whole different level.

It may be just me being a typically impatient New Yorker, but there were some parts of the compilation that went on for far too long. OK, we get it. The cat likes to lean against the wall and massage his butt. That’s funny and all… for maybe… MAYBE… ten seconds. That’s like the cut-off. It’s like the difference between a cute, flirtatious look and a serial killer stare. Maybe it’s just me. STOP STARING AT ME.

I have to say that the cutest cat was the one at the end, sliding down the stairs like he’s made of Jello. It was like he was the Robert Patrick Terminator in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”. Well, at least this cat doesn’t’ want to alter the present and bring in an age of robot overlords. No, he already knows that cats rule our lives, anyway. My cats know this for a fact – one even just came over and bumped against me to remind me.

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