Cat Sits On Swing With Drum Near His Tail. I Was Impressed By What He Played Next.

There are some animals that like to dance along to music. We’ve written about a bunch of birds that are fond of doing that. Then there are those that like to sing along with a song. There are dogs, birds, and cats who like to do that. Now we’ve got an animal that likes to play an instrument – a drum. We see a popular cat named Maru playing one in this video. He’s not like Neil Peart or anything, but he’s fun to watch.

The funniest part of the video is actually at the beginning, when Maru is trying to climb onto the swing. There’s a few seconds where he’s like, “OK. OK. I’m going to make it. Whoops. Darn forward motion. OK. Got it.” He’s not the daintiest of cats, as those who have watched his other videos will attest. But he’s so much fun to watch. There’s a reason why his videos are so insanely popular.

Maru seems to be trying to play along with the tune in the background, but he seems to just be content to make noise. It’d be interesting though to have a room full of these cats playing a drum. By “interesting” I mean “possibly ear-splitting” so actually, don’t do this. Maru likes the sound of it and his tail banging against the drum as he lazes on the swing is what makes him happy. Whatever works.

I have to admit – I have been a Maru fan for FOREVER. When I saw that he was the video, I cheered aloud. Cats like making noise. When my wife and I moved into our first place, we had a mattress frame that was leaning against the wall. Our cat – we had just one back then – was fond of walking near it and making his tail hit the frame, making it vibrate. It was nice during the day, but annoying as all get out at night.

Do you have any pets that like to play instruments? Maybe a bird that likes to plonk on a piano? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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