Cat Spots His Reflection In Dresser Mirror. What He Does Next With It Cracked Me Up So Much.

Animals can find nearly anything to amuse themselves. One thing that can mess with their brains is seeing their refection in a mirror. Some may think they have a new play buddy, while others may see it as an unwanted intruder. Fortunately for the mommy or daddy of the feline that we see in this video, the mirror image is seen as a brief diversion for some fun. Fortunately, he doesn’t use his claws to possibly scratch up the mirror.

The cat looks into the mirror on the dresser and sees what he must think is another cat. Cautiously, he lifts both paws and places them on the mirror and starts moving them up and down. Wow! The cat on the other end is doing the same thing! This is so cool! Someone new to play with! He doesn’t have to try to find someone to hang out with. Let’s play… faster! Faster! Hmmm… wait a minute…

At the end of the video, the cat seems to suddenly realize that he’s not playing with another cat… it’s a mirror. That moment occurs when he taps the glass with one paw. Oh well. It was a fun 30 seconds while it lasted. Hopefully this was in a house and not an apartment, since the upstairs or downstairs neighbor might have heard the dresser banging against the wall and thought that the mommy and daddy were having… ahem… relations again.

Animals can be silly when it comes to mirrors. It’s like they have no idea that it’s really not another animal. At least the cat didn’t think he was being attacked and leaped at the mirror. I’m sure there have been some instances of broken mirrors because of that exact scenario unfolding. Can you imagine the look on the mommy or daddy’s face when they came home to find pieces of mirror all over the place?

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