Cat Stands In Front Of Apartment Building. I Fell Out Of My Seat At What He Did Next.

Cats can do some amazing things. I’ve seen them jump to heights that I thought near impossible. If you think about it, them jumping to some beds is like us jumping from the first floor to the second floor in one leap. Well, maybe not that high. Maybe it’d be like us jumping from the floor to the top of a bookshelf. This video here showcases another impressive ability of theirs: climbing straight up walls.

We see a bunch of cats scaling walls that look physically impossible to climb. They could be auditioning to play Spider-Cat in Marvel’s “Spider-Man Homecoming.” I know I would have a problem casting just one of them. Then again, if they were all wearing Spider suits, who could tell them apart? Whoops. I just thought of something – trying to get them in Spider suits would be impossible. Well… thank goodness for CGI, huh?

This is another one of those compilations where it’s nigh impossible to pick which one is the best. I loved all of them. I also wanted to be able to use all of them in case I ever locked myself out of my apartment. “Quick, climb the walls and get the key! The key! Why do I hear you eating cat food? Oh. Don’t use the litter box now…. Get the key! Sigh.” Then again, maybe I should just keep a spare in an area around the place, huh?

There’s a longtime trend of people running around jumping off walks, doing somersaults, flips, you name it. It’s called parkour and these cats put those parkour people to shame. They also put people who do free-climbing to shame, as well. “Oh, you like to scale cliffs without ropes? I could do that with my eyes closed, human.” Maybe someone should put a camera on

Has your cat done anything like this? I was stunned at how easy they made it look. Then again, I don’t have claws like theirs. Tell us all about it in the comments section.

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