Cat Stares Up At Ceiling Fan With Wonder. I Was Surprised By What Had It Captivated.

There are times when cats are amused by the simplest things. Both my kitties love looking out the window at the birds that are flying by. Sometimes I even see them watching TV, though their attention tends to be most focused when I’m watching a show that involves cats – naturally. Then there’s this cat that we see in this video that’s transfixed by something that we take for granted.

We see a cat staring up at the ceiling. What’s up there? A bug? A spider? Another cat that has somehow learned how to walk on the ceiling? No. A plastic bag has gotten attached to one of the fan blades. Who knows how that happened? Perhaps the cat’s mommy or daddy tied it there to see what the cat would do. Perhaps a young child tossed it in the air and it got caught. In any event, this kitty has only eyes for this scene.

Just like a laser pointer, this cat is utterly transfixed by the ceiling fan and the bag. There’s nothing in the world that could take his attention away. Well, perhaps the call of dinner, but that’s about it. This bag is something new in the cat’s world and he’s going to watch it until that thing either rips up or falls to the ground or when someone turns off the fan. I wish I could be so easily amused like that at times.

It just goes to show that even the simplest things can captivate your pet. A plastic bag on a fan. Who would have thought that would captivate a cat? The cat’s mommy or daddy had better be around though when the bag does eventually make its way back to Earth. It could be as dangerous to a cat as it would be to a baby or young child. That would be a tragic ending to this cute video, would it not?

What unusual things do your pets like to watch to keep themselves entertained? Feel free to tell us in the comments section!

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