Cat Stuck Under Bridge In England. What Two Men Do For Her Is SO Brave.

It breaks my heart when I see an animal stuck anywhere. Even if it’s readily apparent that they got themselves there in the first place, seeing them in distress always makes me sad. There are good people out there who will do their utmost to bring these animals back to safety. They consider it their duty. Even if this is not something that fits in their normal job description.

Claudia is a cat who has been missing for over a year. A cyclist spots her under a bridge and two men that were going boating decide to rescue her. Claudia is on this little patch of land on one of the pillars of the bridge and does NOT want to go anywhere. It’s hard to fathom how she got herself there in the first place? Maybe it has a really low tide there. She was in a pickle and the men are trying to save her.

There’s a moment when one of the men picks up Claudia and holds her over the boat where she does seem to be contemplating bolting. Then she looks around her. All water. If she kicks now, she is going to be swimming and that is just something she does NOT want to do. So she lets them put her in the cage on the boat. Perhaps she was tired of being missing. All in all, she helped write that happy ending.

Rescuing any animal is a combination of two things: courage and luck. These men were lucky that Claudia decided not to put up a fight or run. Then they would have possibly fallen off the boat themselves. Every time a rescuer puts out their hand to grab an animal, they must be muttering a prayer of some sort. I know that I would be if I were in that position. It’s a special person who devotes their time and effort to bringing these animals to safety.

Weren’t these two guys brave? I thought so. Would you have been able to do what they did there? I don’t think I could have, because I have the balance of a chopped oak tree in a hurricane.

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