This Cat Sure Messed Up, How Willl They Celebrate Christmas Now?

Meet Mog, a cute family cat who, like most of her other feline siblings, has a very keen curiosity that takes her many places. She gets herself into a very big problem after making a tiny little mistake. Despite being a cat, she’s kind of clumsy, and this clumsiness made her accidentally light her family’s house on fire!

It seemed like everything was already lost, but thankfully, it was alright in the end. The following video is a Christmas advertisement made by Sainsbury’s, a supermarket brand. It looks like Mog has already ruined Christmas for everyone, but thanks to the magic of love and the holidays, everyone managed to enjoy Christmas Eve together in the end.

The adorable story below has won the hearts of millions of people since it was posted on YouTube, and when you watch it for yourself, you’ll understand perfectly why it got so popular. Mog is the star of many children stories and books, written by Judith Kerr, her original creator. After the ad got out, Kerr started writing more stories about Mog again. I can’t wait to see more of her!

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