This Cat Thinks He’s A Dog. I Was Howling With Laughter At Some Things He Does.

I’m sometimes convinced that one of my cats is really a dog. I keep searching for the zipper on his cat suit. He acts like a dog, constantly sitting on my lap the second I sit on the sofa. I’m serious, if he’s not in my lap five seconds after I plop my butt on there, I go check to make sure he’s OK. He’ll headbutt my hand to make me pet his head. That said, he still doesn’t hold a candle to the cat that’s in this video.

The cat’s daddy lists eight reasons why his cat thinks he’s a dog. He growls and even sits there and pants like a dog. He does other things like fetch and obey commands. I wonder if the daddy has ever had this cat’s head checked for an injury… that might explain his behavior. One day, BONK. “Oh, wait… I’m a dog now.” The daddy even sideswipes real dogs by saying the cat’s not too bright. He throws a toy and it takes him 15 seconds to even find it.

It’s amazing to see how dog-like this cat’s behavior is. He even puts a leash in his mouth and lets him be walked. Every other cat would likely just plop themselves on the ground and refuse to move like they are on strike or something. This is an unusual cat, indeed. He may be part cat/part dog. What would that be? A cog? A dat? Whatever it is, it’s pretty cool. But the daddy saved the best part of the video for last.

The cat always stays by his side, like a dog. He jumps on his daddy’s chest and just lays there. My cat is a lap cat, but on other occasions when I’m sleeping, he’s been on everywhere from my stomach to my back to my hip to the crook of my legs. Oh yes, it’s so fun to not be able to stretch my legs… Still, this is a sweet bond between this cat and his daddy. I hope they have many years left together.

Wasn’t this cat so adorable? What did you think? Do you prefer your cats to exhibit more cat-like behavior? Please tell us what you think below!

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